Which areas of your wellbeing could you improve?

Wellness is about being in good physical and mental health. There are a number of dimensions of wellness which are all interconnect, so problems in one area will affect the others too. 

Assessing and improving your wellness needs can help prevent future physical and mental health problems by helping you to make healthier choices and habits part of your everyday life. Wellness is not the absence of illness or stress, so you can strive for wellness even when there are challenges in your life. 

Answer the following short questions to discover which areas of your wellbeing you could improve upon. The two highest scoring areas of your wellbeing will be highlighted at the end of the quiz. 

I have a good understanding of where I fit into the world
I find healthy and effective ways to cope with stress (eg: exercise, relaxation, social support)
My decisions and actions in life reflect my personal morals and ethics
I reduce, recycle and reuse
I am able to analyse, sythesise and see more than one side of an issue
I am accepting of the diversity of others (eg: race, gender, religion, ability, sexual orientation, ethnicity)
I budget my spending each week or month
I am able to cope with feelings of sadness and worry
I enjoy spending time outdoors with nature
I get an average of 7-9 hours sleep daily
I exercise for 20-30 minutes at least three times per week
I have explored different academic/career options and have made long term plans
I manage my time effectively and achieve a good balance between university and leisure time
I am developing the necessary skills to achieve my career goals (eg: academic progress, interview skills, CV preparation, applying for courses)
I believe my life is meaningful and has direction
I have developed a financial plan for my university career
I walk, cycle or use public transport
I maintain healthy eating patterns (including 5 portions of fresh fruits and vegetables daily)
My academic course/future career plans are consistent with my values
I keep up to date with current affairs, locally, nationally and internationally
I do not use or I avoid harmful use of drugs (including tobacco, cannabis, excessive alcohol etc)
I have enough money to manage my basic living needs whilst a student
I am aware of the risks to my wellbeing in my environment and make adjustments to my lifestyle accordingly (eg: personal safety, travel health, around the home)
I am able to speak freely and comfortably about my personal values and beliefs
I maintain a network of supportive friends/family/social contacts
I see challenges and change as an opportunity for personal growth
I feel like I belong to a community or group
I enjoy attending special lectures, plays, cultural events, musical performances, and visiting museums, galleries and/or libraries
I am able to ask for/seek emotional help when I need it, from friends, family or professionals

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