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Sheffield University Health has provided a Specialist Eating Disorders Clinic since 2000.

If you feel you have an eating disorder or are worried about a friend or relative, access to the service is easy to arrange. You can be referred by the GP or Nurse or self- refer to the service by ringing up UHS (0114 22 22 100) and asking to speak to the secretarial staff who can put you on a waiting list for an introductory appointment.

An Eating Disorder can have many different presentations, from a need to restrict without any compensatory behaviours, to restricting and bingeing, or restricting and purging or restricting and exercising compulsively, or binge/ purging or any number of combinations of the above at different times.

What everyone shares is the belief/feeling that by controlling their eating they can feel “safe and in control of their life, be happy and successful and feel good about themselves”

However, everyone needs to eat regularly in a healthy balanced way and denying yourself food is inevitably going to make you hungry and affect every aspect of your life, making harder to achieve all of the above. It will affect your mood, your health, your thoughts and change your behaviour.

Evidence has shown that the most effective way of treating eating Disorders is by using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

The University Health Service Clinic provides this treatment.

The aim of this is for you to be able to manage anxiety and learn to feel good about yourself, achieve a sense of success and feel happy and generally safe without having to feel the need to control your eating in order to do so.

Once referred to the Clinic, you will have an introductory appointment, our sympathetic and experienced team will help you to come up with a treatment plan that will help you to learn to have a happier relationship with food and gain more self-confidence and a stronger sense of self-worth.

Once seen in the clinic if this treatment is not for you, we support you by referring you on to other more appropriate services.

More information is available at or on the ShefUniHealth smartphone app.

You can call 0114 22 22 100 for an appointment.

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