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This week the fear or smear team are on campus to answer your questions and give information about cervical screening.


You can find out more information at


Having your smear test (cervical screening) is an important way to make sure you’re healthy and notice any changes to your cervix before they become a problem.

It’s not a check for cancer – it’s a test all women aged 25 to 64 should have every three to five years. And it only takes about five minutes.

  • Women aged 25 to 49 will be invited every 3 years
  • Women aged 50 to 64 will be invited every 5 years

You will receive a letter in the post from your GP inviting you to book an appointment.
If you have missed your most recent appointment, contact your GP today to rebook.


What’s Your Fear?

Let’s straighten out a few of the most common fears women have about their smear test.

It’s normal to feel a bit worried about your smear, but the thought is usually worse than the reality. Your Practice Nurse will help you relax and feel as comfortable as possible by explaining what will happen and answering any questions or worries first. It’s important to tell them if you’re anxious so they can put you at ease.

Some women find wearing a skirt to their appointment makes them feel more comfortable because it’s easy to lift up around their waist. If you like, you can take a scarf to put over your lap too, and you’ll be given some paper towels to cover yourself with.

For most women, smear tests aren’t painful although it might feel a bit odd, especially if you’re nervous. But understanding what happens at your appointment and knowing what to expect can help you relax. Make sure you ask any questions or read about it before you go.

When you have your smear test, your Practice Nurse will ask you to lie down and let your knees fall gently apart. Then they’ll use something called a speculum to carefully open your vagina and softly brush for cells. If it does feel uncomfortable, let the person taking your smear know.

You can request to have your cervical screening carried out by the Practice Nurse or female doctor.

Your smear test isn’t a test for cancer – it’s a check for changes to your cervix so they can be looked into and treated before they become a problem. For most women, their smear test is absolutely fine – only about 5% need to go back for another test.

If you are recalled, don’t panic. Sometimes samples don’t show up clearly enough to read so you’ll need to do another one. And even if your results letter says your smear’s abnormal, it just means they’ve noticed some of your cells might need looking into and they want to keep an eye on how you’re doing. Sometimes, cell abnormalities go away on their own, so you might have to do another smear test in the next few months to make sure.

Just remember, cervical cancer is rare and identifying changes early can help prevent around three quarters of cases. Attending regular smear tests really could help to save your life.

Understanding more about smear tests and your cervix can help you feel more comfortable and at ease about yours. Find out more at the roadshows or at



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