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This month the Healthy Campus blogs are focussed on helping stay mentally healthy during the exam season. Our experts from the University Counselling Service have provided a series of articles to help you through what can be a stressful time.


How to Reduce your Stress Levels in Revision
Prepare your body and mind, it will help massively.


Try our five-a-day below to keep your mind and body in good shape for your exams.


  1. Take Control: Set small achievable revision goals

Why: Setting smaller goals gives you more chance of reaching them. Each little success will boost your confidence and motivation.


  1. Be Healthy: Prepare and cook one meal a day

Why: Preparing and cooking a meal each day will give your mind a rest. It is also a sign that you are taking care of yourself and giving your body the energy it needs.


  1. Stay Active: Do some exercise each day

Why: Exercise is a great way of relaxing. It regulates the body and helps us to sleep at night.


  1. Keep Connected: Make time to be with other people

Why: We can get lost and feel lonely if we spend too much time on our own. Break your day up by spending some time talking with friends or family.


  1. Wind down: Create a relaxing bedtime routine

Why: Your mind needs to wind down in order for you to sleep. You can do this by stopping studying two hours before you go to bed. Try having a bath, listen to some music or read your favourite novel and avoid screens.


The University Counselling Service can be access via their website.

Remember exams are stressful and it’s perfectly normal to feel this stress. There are numerous events across campus to help you cope with the burden.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at dealing with anxiety and panicky feeling during the exam.


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